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HealthTrends is an innovative and growing healthcare group in the Asia Pacific region, recognized by our customers for our creative approach and holistic philosophy of 'Bringing Optimum Health & Wellness to Everyone, Everywhere.

From proactive care and the prevention of diseases, to the treatment and management of diseases, HealthTrends takes care of you and your family’s daily health needs.  Our proactive and disease prevention care approach includes comprehensive health screening, medical diagnostics, nutritional and hormonal therapy programs.  Our disease treatment and management services encompass holistic and multi-disciplinary care by qualified doctors and health practitioners.

To address your skincare and beauty concerns, our doctors are qualified to deliver a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments in our clinics in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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 We take your health seriously.  Our range of medical services help to keep your health in check. 


AestheticBeing in the pink of health is not just about going for your regular health checks, exercising and watching your diet.  It calls for a bigger commitment from you to make proactive choices to balance the various aspects of your life.



Just like it is important to eat healthily to achieve a healthy body.  It is equally important to put your best face forward to display your confidence.  HealthTrends 's holistic approach helps u look good and feel good at the same time. 


"Bringing Optimum Health and Wellness to  Everyone, Everywhere"